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- We are here to help. Specializing in the full service contracting. We are prepared to assist you with your project big or small. 
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- When snow piles up on solar panels it significantly reduces the arrays electricity production.  

Do you have a snow removal plan? 

Removing snow is very different than shoveling or plowing parking lots and sidewalks. Sending your maintenance crew out to shovel snow off your roof is dangerous and can result in big fines if OSHA fall protection regulations aren’t followed.

Snow removal 
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Solar maintenance Connecticut
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Roofing Companies in CT
- We understand how components interact together which gives us a unique ability to find the problem and quickly get your system back online to full operation.  

Do you have a solar maintenance plan? 

Count on us for a reliable maintenance partner, we’ll quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues to maximize the uptime and performance of your PV power plant, ensuring your investment is running at optimum performance levels. 

Solar Maintenance 
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CLEAN ENERGY.... The foot print of a duck.
E1 License # 0200579