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- The solar audit allows us to define your energy profile and match the optimal system for your needs.
- We are a fully licensed and insured electrician that can help you with more than just solar. 
- We are a fully licensed and insured roofer that can help you with all of your roofing needs. Including snow removal.
- Depending on your needs we will work with you to deliver the best option tailored around your needs. 
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One of the biggest reasons for going solar is eliminating or significantly reducing your electric bill. It all adds up to significant amounts of money pretty quickly. The average return on investment ranges between 4-7 years on average. Where else can you find that return on your money?
Solar systems have run in many places for decades without issue. Aside from the need for periodic cleaning, basically a solar system is made up of zero-moving-parts. Moving parts are generally prone to failure. 
Once you have installed the solar power system, it can last beyond 30 years. Panels installed over 40 years ago are still creating power at about 80% of their original power." Since solar requires very minimum maintenance cost. 
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Solar is reliable and clean
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E1 License # 0200579
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